Location Maps

Alpha Home
300 E. Mulberry Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78212-3023

Directions: Please use the entrance off Mulberry Street. The parking lot is will be on your right and is across from Trinity Baptist Church. There will be a small green sign that says TBC parking. Turn into the parking lot. Walk to toward a wooden fence a gate. Open the gate and take a left. The Alpha Home clinic will be located directly in front of you. Calculate Directions


SAMM Ministries Transitional Living & Learning Center
5922 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78216

Directions: Once you arrive at the SAMM clinic please park in any parking spot. Proceed to the building on your left hand side, the door will be locked but please wait a moment and it will be unlocked for you. Once you are inside SAMM Shelter, please proceed to the front desk and sign in. The clinic will be located across the front desk in the lobby. Feel free to ask the front desk if you are lost or unsure. Calculate Directions


Haven for Hope Clinic, Restoration Center
601 N. Frio is the Restoration Center address, San Antonio, TX 78207

Directions: The clinic has moved to the Restoration Center down the street from the previous clinic site at CentroMed. Enter through Entrance C at 698 North Medina Street near Frio Street. Parking is free at the meters in front of the clinic on N. Medina Street starting at 6 pm or in the parking lot behind the clinic at any time of day. Calculate Directions


Travis Park Derm Clinic
230 E. Travis Street San Antonio, TX 78205

Student Parking Pass
Directions: Please use the entrance off East Travis Street between N. St. Mary's Street and Navarro Street. On East Travis Street, between the church and Gold’s Gym, you will find a parking lot. Please park in that lot. Please write in your name to the parking pass and place it on the dash of your car to ensure no parking violations. You will find the clinic in the basement of the church. Calculate Directions


San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic (SARHC)
4242 Bluemel Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240

Directions: Please park in any parking spot located in the St. Francis Episcopal Church parking lot. Once you park please follow the signs to the Church Office. Clinic will be taking place in the Church Office area. Calculate Directions